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Programs for W18CJ-D1 on Sunday, December 17, 2017
12:00 AM
Discover Prophecy How To Get And To Remain Undeceived (Repeat) Pastor David Asscherick discusses biblical topics such as the mark of the beast, the nation of Babylon, and how not to go to hell.
1:00 AM
Generation of Youth for Christ 2014 Morning Devotion (Repeat)
2:00 AM
Pillars of Faith Better than a Known Way (Repeat)
3:00 AM
ASAP Ministries United in Prayer (Repeat)
3:30 AM
From Sickness to Health Introducing My Friend Arthur (Repeat)
4:00 AM
In the Beginning: Stories From the Bible There Was Water Host Stan Hudson addresses the audience about the significance of water in the early world by referring to the Book of Genesis and the account of Noah's Ark.
5:00 AM
A.S.I. Conventions, 2015 Evening Program (Repeat) Members and supporters of the Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries organization meet in Spokane, Wash., to share ideas for lay-driven ministry goals.
6:00 AM
Body and Spirit Aerobics Osteoporosis (Repeat, TV-G) Host Dick Nunez and his team of volunteers shows at-home viewers effective exercises to help build up bones and stave off the effects of osteoporosis.
6:30 AM
Melody from My Heart Music (Repeat) Melody delights her viewers with performances of some of her favorite music that she feels best expresses her faith and spirituality.
7:00 AM
Kids' Time He is Alive (Repeat) Host Brenda Walsh and her group of guests learn about black bears, perform a science experiment with tubes and a trash bag and answer fan mail from viewers.
7:30 AM
Praise! Music (Repeat, TV-G) Host Kelly Mowrer takes a special, inside look at the lives and trials of sacred music composers and songwriters, including highlights, interviews and more.
8:00 AM
3ABN Christmas Special Christmas with Reggie & Ladye Love Smith (Repeat)
9:00 AM
Your Favorites By Request
9:30 AM
Adventures in Missions with Wally Mandigo Changing of the Guard at GO (Repeat) Missionaries report from the front line about their work in the world's most secluded outposts.
10:00 AM
Focus on God's Word Rescue from Above (TV-G) Pastors Geoff Youlden and Charissa Fong explore a range of Christian topics for viewers, including how to study the Bible, the importance of Jesus and more.
11:00 AM
Everlasting Gospel Lessons from the Book of Job, Part 4 (Repeat) Representatives of a Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Sacramento, Calif., present their sermons and share the word of God with interested viewers.
12:00 PM
Heart Lift Transformation: A Heart that Witnesses, Part 1 (Repeat)
12:30 PM
Pressing into His Presence How God Speaks To His People - Part 2 (Repeat) Author Shelley Quinn which teaches a unique form of prayer that she developed to allow Christians to have a close, two-way relationship with God.
1:00 PM
A Sharper Focus (TV-G) Pastor John Lomacang presents a weekly Bible study and prayer meeting that will feature a number of topics important to the growth of the people of the church.
2:00 PM
New Body and Spirit Quick Start Cardio (Repeat) Instructor Lyndi Schwartz and her team of volunteers warm up the body before sharing with viewers a fast-paced cardiovascular exercise.
2:30 PM
Tiny Tots for Jesus Jesus Loves His Friends (Repeat, TV-G) Host Linda Johnson and the children worship, work on a craft involving a paper heart and jewelry, and then they get a lesson on raccoons and Jesus' love.
3:00 PM
3ABN Today LIVE (TV-G) Danny Shelton and guests host a two-hour live version of 3ABN Today, with testimonies in word and song, viewer call-ins, and special offers.
5:00 PM
The Carter Report (TV-G) Evangelist John Carter shares a message for today, with reports on the former Soviet countries.
6:00 PM
Sabbath School Panel Lesson 12: Overcoming Evil with Good (Repeat)
7:00 PM
Multitude of Counselors Codependency (Repeat)
7:30 PM
The Heavens Declare the Glory of God Saturn (Repeat)
8:00 PM
3ABN Christmas Special Christmas with Reggie & Ladye Love Smith (Repeat)
9:00 PM
Celebrating Life in Recovery Integrity (Repeat, TV-G) Exploring methods of conquering addiction, with attention on its underlying causes and testimony from those in recovery.
10:00 PM
ASAP Ministries United in Prayer (Repeat)
10:30 PM
Your Favorites By Request
11:00 PM
3ABN Christmas Special Christmas with Reggie & Ladye Love Smith (Repeat)
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