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Programs for W18CJ-D1 on Wednesday, October 18, 2017
12:00 AM
Heaven's Point of View Pastor Hal Steenson explores the truth about topics such as speaking in tongues and the gift of the Holy Spirit from a biblical standpoint.
12:30 AM
Exalting His Word Shelley Quinn, director of Word Warrior Ministries, shares the word of God and the life-changing power of God's love from the scriptures.
1:00 AM
Contending for the Faith
1:30 AM
Ultimate Prescription Modern medicine is examined and specialists explain how the combination of modern science and faith can result in an unbelievable method of treatment.
2:00 AM
Celebrating Life in Recovery (TV-G) Exploring methods of conquering addiction, with attention on its underlying causes and testimony from those in recovery.
3:00 AM
Revelation Insights Evangelist Lyle Albrecht offers an interpretation of the book of Revelation, focusing on history.
4:00 AM
Christ, Calvary, and the Sanctuary
5:00 AM
Divine Design
5:15 AM
His Words Are Life Molly Steenson shares the living power of the word of God as she reads from the King James Version of the Bible.
5:30 AM
Adventures in Missions with Wally Mandigo (TV-G) Missionaries report from the front line about their work in the world's most secluded outposts.
6:00 AM
Body and Spirit Dick Nunez, the director of Black Hills Health and Education Center, teaches aerobic exercises that can be performed by all ages.
6:30 AM
LifeStart Seminars
7:00 AM
Amazing Facts Presents (TV-G) Pastor Doug Batchelor presents a studious hour on spiritually relevant topics such as Bible prophecy, the gospel message and the Holy Spirit.
7:30 AM
It Is Written Canada (HD, TV-G) The It Is Written Canadian team is dedicated to spreading the Gospel and promoting spiritual growth across the world by preaching from the Bible.
8:00 AM
Today Cooking
9:00 AM
Remodeling Your Life
9:30 AM
Divine Design
9:45 AM
Grandma's House Grandma Joyce Neal teaches from Chehalis, Washington, with lessons designed to introduce children to the person of Jesus Christ.
10:00 AM
Melody from My Heart Artists from the 3ABN music family present inspirational music.
11:00 AM
Table Talk Ty Gibson, James Rafferty, David Asscherick, and Jeffrey Rosario join together in a setting inspired by Martin Luther's own table talks.
12:00 PM
3ABN On the Road 3ABN hits the road to travel the country, capturing on camera the music, preaching and biblical teachings that they encounter along the way.
1:00 PM
Issues and Answers Host Karen Thomas invites guests to find spiritual answers to contemporary questions from a biblical standpoint.
1:30 PM
Abundant Living (TV-G) Curtis and Paula Eakins discuss inspirational topics and the latest in health news, featuring vegetarian recipes designed to be appealing and healthy.
2:00 PM
Action 4 Life (TV-G) Casio Jones combines inspirational messages with exercise routines in workouts designed to not only strengthen the physical body, but the spiritual one as well.
2:30 PM
Back to Our Roots Viewers get insight into various aspects of the Jewish culture, from etymology to Jewish history that includes Biblical evidence to enrich daily Bible study.
3:00 PM
Today Cooking
4:00 PM
Tiny Tots for Jesus (TV-G) Biblical dramas tell stories with colorful characters, friendly animals and playful sets designed to help inform children about the teachings of Christianity.
4:30 PM
Kids' Time (TV-G) Host Brenda Walsh and her guests put together a children's show that covers a variety of different activities, including bible stories, music and more.
5:00 PM
Everlasting Gospel Representatives of a Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Sacramento, Calif., present their sermons and share the word of God with interested viewers.
6:00 PM
Generation of Youth for Christ (TV-G) A diverse group of young adults spread the message of Seventh-day Adventism and encourage other youths across the nation to adopt a more spiritual lifestyle.
7:00 PM
A Sharper Focus (TV-G) Pastor John Lomacang presents a weekly Bible study and prayer meeting that will feature a number of topics important to the growth of the people of the church.
8:00 PM
Today Cooking
9:00 PM
Amazing Facts Presents (TV-G) Pastor Doug Batchelor presents a studious hour on spiritually relevant topics such as Bible prophecy, the gospel message and the Holy Spirit.
9:30 PM
Breath of Life with Pastor Walter Pearson (TV-G) Pastor Walter Pearson's Breath of Life ministry offers important advice for spiritual growth, specifically tailored for the urban community.
10:00 PM
It Is Written with John Bradshaw (New, TV-G) A passionate ministry segment seeks to inform followers about Christian principles through telecasts on faith-based living and evangelical resources.
10:30 PM
The Liberty Insider (TV-G) Interviews and discussions about the religious liberty implications of contemporary news, proposed legislation and global events.
11:00 PM
Today Cooking
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