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Programs for W18CJ-D1 on Tuesday, December 11, 2018
12:00 AM
Multitude of Counselors The Man Who (Almost) Never Slept (New, TV-G)
12:30 AM
Hope In Motion Amazing Stories From Jeypore (Repeat, TV-G) Asian Aid provides educational and vocational training to over 6,000 children through sponsorship programs in India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
1:00 AM
ASI Conventions, 2017 The Curse of Meroz (TV-G)
2:00 AM
Optimize 4 Life Optimize Your Workout (Repeat, TV-G)
2:30 AM
Perfecting Me Character and Habit
3:00 AM
Melody from My Heart Music (Repeat, TV-G) Melody delights her viewers with performances of some of her favorite music that she feels best expresses her faith and spirituality.
3:30 AM
Free Indeed Reception Diagnostic Center - Indiana (Repeat, TV-G) Pairs of hosts visit the Reception Diagnostic Center in Indiana to meet the patients who give testimony about how God has changed their life.
4:00 AM
Daniel All Access Touched By An Angel
5:00 AM
Salvation in Symbols and Signs Unmasking the Mark of the Beast, part 2 (Repeat, TV-G)
5:30 AM
Wonderfully Made Crisis Intervention (Repeat, TV-G) Host Dr. Stephen Campbell guides viewers through how to cope with a crisis, citing recent school shootings, earthquakes and other disasters as examples.
6:00 AM
Body and Spirit Aerobics Fad Diets (Repeat, TV-G) Instructor and host Dick Nunez shows interested viewers a safe, easy-to-do workout routine while talking about diets, demonstrating arm circles, and more.
6:30 AM
The Heavens Declare the Glory of God Theory of Evolution (Repeat, TV-G)
7:00 AM
Tiny Tots for Jesus Jesus' Gift to Me is Temperance (Repeat, TV-Y) Host Linda Johnson and the children worship, visit the barn to see birds and eggs, and spend time in the kitchen with Miss Cinda making juice.
7:30 AM
Maranatha Mission Stories (TV-G) Dick Duerksen hosts missionaries' testimonies and stories of transformation within communities, with updates on the need for more churches worldwide.
8:00 AM
3ABN Today LIVE (TV-G) Danny Shelton and guests host a two-hour live version of 3ABN Today, with testimonies in word and song, viewer call-ins, and special offers.
10:00 AM
Pressing into His Presence Enter Into His Gates With Thanksgiving (Repeat, TV-G) Author Shelley Quinn which teaches a unique form of prayer that she developed to allow Christians to have a close, two-way relationship with God.
10:30 AM
Thunder in the Holy Land The Time Is At Hand (Repeat, TV-G) Young reporters join host Pastor Charles Byrd on location in the Middle East for documentary-style segments that focus on the study of the Bible.
11:00 AM
NEWSTART Now The host talks with former guests of the celebrated Newstart Lifestyle Program and discovers various health secrets along the way.
11:30 AM
Books of the Book Hebrews: Chapter 3 (Repeat, TV-G) Rotating pairs of co-hosts undergo chapter-by-chapter examinations of either the Book of Mark, the Book of Hebrews or the Book of Romans.
12:00 PM
Spring Campmeeting Golden Candlestick (TV-G)
1:00 PM
Battles of Faith The Art Of Stillness & Silence (Repeat, TV-G) Ivor and Atonte Myers present Bible studies on Christian topics, such as how to focus, the art of contemplation and God's answer to holy wars.
1:30 PM
Cook:30 Nachos (TV-G)
2:00 PM
New Body and Spirit Armed with Strength (Repeat, TV-G) Instructor Lyndi Schwartz and her team of volunteers share with viewers simple, easy-to-do exercises focused on working the biceps, triceps and shoulders.
2:30 PM
Heart Lift Transformation: A Heart that Witnesses, Part 2 (Repeat, TV-G)
3:00 PM
Go Tell It on the Mountain
4:00 PM
Kids Time Praise Praise and Worship (Repeat, TV-Y) Worship leader Mark Bond joins his entire family in leading a half-hour of praise and worship designed to inspire kids of all ages.
4:30 PM
Kids' Time Rebecca's Wedding (Repeat, TV-Y) Together with her group of lively young guests, host Brenda Walsh learns about the cave formations, along with hearing about Isaac and Rebecca's wedding.
5:00 PM
Tiny Tots Kitchen Walnut Cookies (New)
5:15 PM
Tiny Tots Worship Heaven is A Happy Place (New)
5:30 PM
Multitude of Counselors The Man Who (Almost) Never Slept (Repeat, TV-G)
6:00 PM
Mission 360 He Tried to Balance the Scales (TV-G)
6:30 PM
Salvation in Symbols and Signs Unmasking the Mark of the Beast, part 3 (Repeat, TV-G)
7:00 PM
The Great Cosmic Controversy The Most Holy Place Message-Part 2 (Repeat)
8:00 PM
Go Tell It on the Mountain
9:00 PM
Behold the Lamb Presents Investigative Judgement (Repeat, TV-G) Host Chris Shelton features a special message from Pastor Kenny Shelton in which he addresses individual and corporate needs concerning the kingdom of heaven.
10:00 PM
Amazing Facts with Doug Batchelor The Hero of Revelation, Part 1 (Repeat) Pastor Doug Batchelor presents a studious hour on spiritually relevant topics such as Bible prophecy, the gospel message and the Holy Spirit.
10:30 PM
Perfecting Me Character and Habit
11:00 PM
Go Tell It on the Mountain
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