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New Girl Dress (HD, New, TV-PG) Jess frantically makes alterations to Cece's wedding dress; Schmidt wants his "wedding workshop" to stay a secret at work; Winston and Aly keep a low profile.
Grandfathered The Memorial (HD, New, TV-14) After a serious loss, Jimmy plans a moving memorial service; when Craig asks her to take their relationship a step further, Sara has to make a tough choice.
New Girl Return to Sender (HD, New, TV-14) Jess is introduced to Sam's best friend; Nick worries that Gavin will disappoint Schmidt again; Winsotn is not pleased with a reaction to a birthday gift.
The Grinder Divergence (HD, New, TV-14) When Stew finds out that Dean Sr. is guilty, he thinks they should settle the case; Dean creates a sub plot to try and find information that can win the case.
The Big Bang Theory The Relationship Diremption (HD, TV-PG) Sheldon faces an existential crisis after deciding that string theory is a waste of time; a double-date between Raj, Emily and the Wolowitz ends embarrassingly.
Modern Family Best Men (HD, TV-PG) Mitch and Cam's best girl friend drops in to announce she's getting married and asks the boys to be best men; Gloria has trust issues with her new nanny.
Rosewood Sudden Death and Shades Deep (HD, New, TV-14) The seemingly unexplainable death of a local musician has Rosewood and Villa stumped; Donna calls on Mitchie to help investigate Erica's "missing year."
Empire The Lyon Who Cried Wolf (HD, New, TV-14) Andre uncovers a secret; Hakeem and Jamal pursue secretive affairs that could jeopardize them; Rhonda starts having suspicions about who her attacker might be.
The Big Bang Theory The Anything Can Happen Recurrence (HD, TV-PG) Sheldon's attempt at spontaneity brings unexpected friction between Penny, Amy, and Bernadette: Raj turns to Howard for help in preparing for a date with Emily.
Modern Family The Future Dunphys (HD, TV-PG) Claire and Phil go to the hospital for her angiogram when they inadvertently come across a couple that appears to be the future versions of themselves.
Bones The Last Shot at a Second Chance (HD, New, TV-14) The murder of a convicted felon is being investigated and a suspect in the case has a connection to Agent Booth; Brennan testifies at a FBI hearing.
American Grit Charlie Foxtrot (HD, New, TV-PG) The participants will test their observation and communication skills as they try and recreate symbols during intense physical activity.
The Big Bang Theory The Proton Transmogrification (HD, TV-PG) Professor Proton helps Sheldon overcome his grief; Leonard decides to make a competition out a relationship milestone with Penny.
Modern Family Career Day (HD, TV-PG) Phil is excited to talk to Luke and Manny's classmates for career day, but it doesn't go according to plan; Jay proves he wants to be a novelist.
Think Like a Man (HD, TV-14, PG-13, ***) Four friends decide to get even after learning that their respective girlfriends are using a popular relationship advice book to manipulate them.
The Big Bang Theory The Gorilla Dissolution (HD, TV-PG) Penny reevaluates the decisions she has made in life after a rough day at work; Howard and Bernadette try to accommodate Mrs. Wolowitz; Raj seeks advice.
Modern Family Games People Play (HD, TV-PG) Phil gets a brand new RV for the family in hopes going on a fun road trip, leaving Claire to let him learn the hard way as to why this is a terrible idea.
Houdini & Doyle The Maggie's Redress (HD, Repeat, TV-14) A master magician, a expert on all things paranormal, and a constable band together to solve the murder of a nun; the suspect is is a girl who dies months ago.
American Grit Charlie Foxtrot (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) The participants will test their observation and communication skills as they try and recreate symbols during intense physical activity.
The Big Bang Theory The Skywalker Incursion (HD, TV-PG) Leonard and Sheldon attempt to creep on to George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch; Bernadette and Howard settle a dispute with a game of ping pong.
Modern Family Dude Ranch (HD, TV-PG) In search of some outdoor fun, the family heads to Wyoming where they try their hands at cattle herding and skeet shooting; Jay gets in a fight with a cowboy.
The Simpsons To Courier with Love (New, TV-PG) Homer promises to take Marge on the trip of her dreams, but tries to cut costs by making a deal with a travel agent to transport a briefcase with him to Paris.
Bob's Burgers Bye Bye Boo Boo (HD, New, TV-PG) Louise enters a contest with the hopes that Tina will get to meet Boo Boo from Boyz 4 Now; Bob learns more about the history of the restaurant.
Family Guy The New Adventures of Old Tom (New, TV-14) Peter's family abandons him, causing him to get lost in the mall overnight; Brian ties to impress a girl by pretending to be a millionaire.
The Last Man on Earth Smart and Stupid (HD, New, TV-14) When Tandy's older brother is back on Earth, Todd starts to feel excluded; elsewhere, Mike learrn more things about Erica than the others have ever known.
Bones The Conspiracy in the Corpse (HD, TV-14) The Jeffersonian team is working as hard as they can to clear Booth's name and get him out of prison, and a 16-year-old corpse could be just the key.
Gotham Wrath of the Villains: Unleashed (HD, New, TV-14) Penguin seeks revenge once he learns that Azrael is back in Gotham City; Bruce asks Selina Kyle for help finding Professor Strange.
Houdini & Doyle A Dish of Adharma (HD, New, TV-14) When a 12-year-old boy shoots a well-known suffragette in order to avenge his death in a past life, the team must investigate a decades-old killing.
The Big Bang Theory The Status Quo Combustion (HD, TV-PG) Sheldon contemplates whether he should make a life-changing decision as his whole world begins to change all around him; Raj and Emily reach a new level.
Modern Family Suddenly, Last Summer (HD, TV-PG) Phil and Claire coordinate the kids' activities so that they can have a kid-free week; Mitch and Cam make sure that it is a summer for them to remember.
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New Girl Wedding Eve (HD, New, TV-PG) Schmidt gets help from Nick and Winston to re-write his wedding vows on the night before his wedding; Jess thinks Sam is going to propose to her.
Grandfathered The Cure (HD, New, TV-14) Jimmy and Sara are considering rekindling their relationship, but Sara remains skeptical about becoming vulnerable again; Gerald plans to propose to Vanessa.
New Girl Landing Gear (HD, New, TV-PG) Schmidt makes a final attempt at trying to convince Cece's mother to come to their wedding, and risks missing the ceremony by doing so.
The Grinder Full Circle (HD, New, TV-PG) Dean Sr's malpractice trial is underway, but when Stewart gets sidelined, the rest of the Sanderson & Yao team must try and win the case.
The Big Bang Theory The Locomotion Interruption (HD, TV-PG) Leonard and Amy retrieve Sheldon from Arizona; Penny is interviewed for a job at Bernadette's office; Howard is disturbed by Stuart and Mrs. Wolowitz's link.
Modern Family Larry's Wife (HD, TV-PG) Phil has found his niche in the real estate market happens to be recently divorced women; Luke holds a high-stakes poker game in the basement.
Rosewood Keratin and Kissyface (HD, New, TV-14) The death of Erica Kincaid's patient turns out to be the murder of an undercover agent, but when the investigation begins, they uncover more than they expected.
Empire Rise by Sin (HD, New, TV-14) Hakeem faces the pressure of trying to fit Laura into his family and career; Cookie comes clean about what happened to Freda's father.
The Big Bang Theory The Junior Professor Solution (HD, TV-PG) When Sheldon is coerced into taking on the job of instructing a class, Howard enrolls in the course; tensions arise between Penny and Bernadette.
Modern Family The Late Show (HD, TV-PG) Disaster looms after Jay pulls a few strings to reserve a table at the newest popular restaurant, only for every family to begin running a bit late.
Bones The Fight in the Fixer (HD, New, TV-14) The team is investigating the death of a "fixer", after his frozen body was found in the Potomac River; Aubrey discovers new information about his father.
American Grit Double Time (HD, New, TV-PG) The participants are challenged to build a shelter, purify water, and build a fire; these tasks will test their survival skills and decision making.
The Big Bang Theory The First Pitch Insufficiency (HD, TV-PG) NASA invites Wolowitz to throw the first pitch at a Los Angeles Angels game; Leonard and Penny try to disprove Sheldon's claim that he and Amy are "superior."
Modern Family A Fair to Remember (HD, TV-PG) The family heads out to the annual fair; Phil surprises Claire on their 20th wedding anniversary; Gloria signs Jay up to be a fair cop; Haley meets Andy.
Jumping the Broom (HD, TV-PG, PG-13, **) Two African-American families come together for a wedding, but upon arriving they realize they are from two very different economic backgrounds.
The Big Bang Theory The Hook-Up Reverberation (HD, TV-PG) Raj comes clean to Emily about his history after his girlfriend acts callous towards Penny; the guys contemplate sharing ownership of Stuart's comic book shop.
Modern Family The Big Game (HD, TV-PG) Coach Cameron is hyper-focused on winning an upcoming football game and is determined to show no mercy; Claire proves that she's more than the boss's daughter.
Houdini & Doyle A Dish of Adharma (HD, Repeat, TV-14) When a 12-year-old boy shoots a well-known suffragette in order to avenge his death in a past life, the team must investigate a decades-old killing.
American Grit Double Time (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) The participants are challenged to build a shelter, purify water, and build a fire; these tasks will test their survival skills and decision making.
The Big Bang Theory The Jerusalem Duality (HD, TV-14) Sheldon becomes extremely jealous of a 15-year-old physics prodigy, so he and Leonard devise a plan to spoil the boy genius' research.
Modern Family After the Fire (HD, TV-PG) After a neighbor's home burns down, the whole family tries to do some good by organizing a community drive, but things don't go quite as planned.
The Simpsons Simprovised (HD, New, TV-14) After giving a terrible speach in front of his coworkers, Homer decides to try improv comedy to regain his confidence in public speaking; Homer appears live.
Bob's Burgers The Horse Rider-er (HD, New, TV-PG) Tina manages to convince her parents to send her to horse camp; but in doing so, she realizes she must end her relationship with her imaginary horse, Jericho.
Family Guy Run, Chris, Run (HD, New, TV-14) Chris unexpectedly becomes homecoming king; but when Meg learns that the cool kids are planning to prank him during the homecoming ceremony, they investigate.
The Last Man on Earth 30 Years of Science Down the Tubes (HD, New, TV-14) Phil and Mike's bond continues to grow strong; the entire Malibu group gets a huge surprise.
Bones The Lance to the Heart (HD, TV-14) As they continue to try to clear Booth's name, the team enlists the help of a Special Agent to investigate a conspiracy that dates back to J. Edgar Hoover.
Gotham Wrath of the Villains: A Legion of Horribles (HD, New, TV-14) A new police detective stumbles into his city's biggest murder case vowing to solve the mystery and uncover the corruption of the city along the way.
Houdini & Doyle In Manus Dei (HD, New, TV-14) An expert magician, master of all things paranormal, and a newly appointed constable team up to solve supernatural crimes in London.
The Big Bang Theory The Focus Attenuation (HD, TV-14) Penny is accused of being a "buzzkill" after she receives a work email while in Las Vegas; the guys procrastinate while designing an innovative item.
Modern Family And One to Grow On (HD, TV-PG) Phil ends up in jail after he tricks Luke into taking a dance class; Jay and Gloria are concerned that Manny may be aiming too high when it comes to the ladies.
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