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Ask This Old House (HD, TV-G) Richard explains the differences between water filters; Roger removes a hazardous tree; Tom demonstrates different methods of locating studs in a wall.
Pati's Mexican Table History of Oaxaca Cuisine (TV-G) Pati joins food editor Joe Yonan to share some vegetarian dishes, including sweet potato and black been tamales with avocado, and watercress and pecan salad.
Nick Stellino: Storyteller in the Kitchen I Love Cheese! (HD, TV-G) Author and Chef Nick Stellino shares his passion for food and his recipes for dishes inspired by his childhood and family in Sicily, from his Los Angeles home.
Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way Game Day Pressure (TV-G) Jacques makes some oddball snacks for his fellow game-watchers: crunchy kale; chile con carne with lettuce and cheese; pears bonne femme; potato pancakes.
Martha Bakes French Meringue (HD, TV-G) Host Martha Stewart prepares individual pavlovas with orange curd filling, chocolate dacquoise cake with chocolate ganache and a pink angel food cake.
America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated Back to Basics (TV-G) Chefs Julia and Bridget prepare delectable roasted bone-in chicken breasts; Adam evaluates kitchen trash cans; a test cook prepares baked potatoes.
This Old House (HD, TV-G) The apprentices learn how to frame a wall, build a drain stack, and lay decking for the front porch; the homeowners visit their kitchen cabinet designer.
Pati's Mexican Table A Queen In The Land Of The Gods (TV-G) Pati travels to the town of Teotitlan de Valle to meet chef Abigail Menzoa; Pati shares recipes for chicken with oregano and burnt milk ice cream.
Simply Ming Jamie Bissonnette (TV-G) Host Ming Tsai invites award-winning chef Jamie Bissonnette to join him in cooking crispy Chicken Sausage and Scallions with classic fried Rice and a Paella.
Jacques Pepin: Heart & Soul Taste Bud Temptations (HD, TV-G) Jacques Pepin shares his recipes for a variety of meals, including tuna tartare with bagel chips, an appetizer of tuna mascarpone cream, and a Spanish tortilla.
Lidia's Kitchen Italian Taste for Bitter Vegetables (HD, TV-G) Host Lidia Bastianich prepares a variety of delectable foods, including baked radicchio, broccoli rabe and sausage, and an escarole and white bean soup.
Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen When Only Chocolate Will Do (HD, TV-G) Julia demonstrates her recipe for making a delectable Mississippi mud pie; Adam gives a review of the best small food processors on the market.
The Woodwright's Shop Staked Furniture (HD, TV-G) Roy demonstrates an ancient form of furniture-making in which one plank with removable legs can become a chair, a table or a bench.
Pati's Mexican Table The Mezcal Trail (TV-G) Pati journeys to the area of Oaxaca where the locals are known for mezcal; Pati shares her recipes for Mexican steak salad and Oaxacan sours.
Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen Fish, Spice & Everything Nice (HD, TV-G) Julie demonstrates how to prepare a spicy Lebanese fish dish called samak harrah, which is native to Tripoli, a Mediterranean port city in northern Lebanon.
Baking with Julia Marion Cunningham (HD, TV-G) Host Julia Child welcomes cooking teacher Marion Cunningham, who shows how to make delicious muffins, scones, Irish soda bread and popovers.
Martha Bakes Press-In Crusts (HD, TV-G) Martha Stewart makes press-in crust desserts, preparing classic cheesecake with an apricot finish, chocolate cream tart and an Atlantic beach tart.
America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated New England Classics (TV-G) Julia and Bridget prepare corned beef with vegetables; Jack faces off with Bridget in a tasting of sherry vinegar; a test cook prepares snickerdoodles.
« Craft In America Family (HD, TV-PG) To find out if artistic talent is hereditary by experiencing life in houses full of handmade objects, the lives and environments of four families are examined.
Pati's Mexican Table From Pueblo To City (TV-G) Pati spends the day with chef Alex Ruiz, and tours a family farm and a local market; Pati gives recipes for meatballs in guajillo sauce and arroz con chepil.
Nick Stellino: Storyteller in the Kitchen Food Memories (HD, TV-G) Author and Chef Nick Stellino shares his passion for food and his recipes for dishes inspired by his childhood and family in Sicily, from his Los Angeles home.
Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way Light and Luscious (TV-G) Jacques utilizes some uncommon veggies, some from beneath the sea: rigatoni with lettuce; eggplant and sauteed julienned endive; steamed fish and shellfish.
Lidia's Kitchen Ragu (HD, TV-G) Lidia prepares celery stalks stuffed with apples and gorgonzola, a veined Italian blue cheese made from unskimmed cow's milk, as well as a dish of lamb ragu.
Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen The Italian-American Kitchen (HD, TV-G) Chef Ashley demonstrates for Bridget how to cook up some sausage ragu; Jack presents Bridget with a tasting challenge of different types of fettuccine.
The Woodwright's Shop Who Wrote the Book of Sloyd? (HD, TV-G) Roy Underhill tries "sloyd," a Swedish educational system that uses woodworking to teach children moral behavior, industriousness and practical skills.
Pati's Mexican Table Women Of Oaxaca (TV-G) Pati showcases a recipes she learned from Oaxacan women, including coloradito chicken, a mashed potato cazuela and an almond and chocolate leche cake.
Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen Spring Sensations (HD, TV-G) Host Julie Taboulie demonstrates the preparation process of a roasted leg of lamb meat combined with fresh herbs, as well as fire-roasted baby wheat grains.
Baking with Julia Johanne Killeen (HD, TV-G) Host Julia Child welcomes pastry chef Johanna Killen, who demonstrates how to prepare Baby Cakes and upside-down cakes with different toppings.
Martha Bakes Classic New England (HD, TV-G) Martha uses four staples of New England cuisine - maple, cranberries, Boston cream pie and blueberries - to create delectable desserts.
America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated Italian Vegetarian (TV-G) Julia demonstrates how to prepare eggplant involtini; gadget expert Lisa McManus discusses microwave pasta cookers; Bridget prepares fusilli with ricotta.
This Old House (HD, TV-G) The apprentices learn how to frame a wall, build a drain stack, and lay decking for the front porch; the homeowners visit their kitchen cabinet designer.
Pati's Mexican Table The Art Of Mole (TV-G) Pati explores the basics of mole, it's history and importance, and she offers recipes for mole verde with pork and white beans, and almendrado with chicken.
Simply Ming Todd English (TV-G) Host Ming Tsai is joined by renowned chef Todd Englsh as they show how to make pizza on a grill; Todd creates a Pizza with Fontina Fonduta, Meatball Ribbons.
Jacques Pepin: Heart & Soul Global Gastronomy (HD, TV-G) Host Jacques Pepin brings in exotic cuisines from all over the world, starting with a Japanese-inspired Broiled Salmon with Miso Glaze; South America.
Lidia's Kitchen Italian American Favorites (HD, TV-G) Lidia prepares her favorite Italian-American dishes, including a Caesar salad, a baked eggplant stuffed with vegetables and meat, and stuffed mushrooms.
Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen Pork and Pierogi (HD, TV-G) Julia shows Bridget how to prepare a delectable pork roast that has been braised using cider; tasting expert Jack Bishop has a sauerkraut challenge for Bridget.
Heirloom Meals Christmas (HD, TV-G) Carole Murko prepares dishes from America's history, visits the Norman Rockwell Museum, talks to a cheesemaker about sustainable farming and listens to jazz.
Healthy Heritage Kitchen - Kwanzaa Edition (TV-G) Correspondents showcase healthy versions of traditional holiday meals for a variety of ethnic communities, which includes special dishes for dietary needs.
Smart Travels: Europe with Rudy Maxa Alpine Christmas (TV-G) Host Rudy Maxa pays a visit to Christmas markets, ski lodges and medieval towns, and makes an attempt at dog sledding on a glacier.
The Best of the Joy of Painting Christmas Eve Snow (TV-G) Painter and host Bob Ross demonstrates the process of painting a snowy mountain scene complete with pine trees sitting on a snowy hill in the foreground.
Ciao Italia Festival of the Seven Fishes/ La Festa dei Sette Pesci (TV-G) Mary Ann Esposito travels to great Italian-American cities, introducing viewer's to folks who have kept old favorite recipes alive.
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Ask This Old House Happy Holidays from Asktoh! (HD, TV-G) Kevin travels to UL Laboratories in Chicago to learn how to prevent fires caused by holiday decorations; the crew exchange gifts to celebrate the holidays.
Pati's Mexican Table In Search Of LA Mixteca (TV-G) Pati showcases the food and culture of the La Mixteca region by inviting restaurant owner Ixchel Ornellas to create corn soup with queso and pescado agridulce.
Nick Stellino: Storyteller in the Kitchen Bacon or Pancetta (HD, TV-G) Chef Stellino creates dishes featuring bacon and pancetta, including Ragu di gamberetti, insalata del sogno and watermelon salad with tomato and bacon.
Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way Dinner Party Special (TV-G) Jacques makes stuffed pork tenderloin on grape tomatoes; cream of leek and mushroom soup; and mini almond cakes with raspberry sauce.
Martha Bakes Mid-Atlantic (HD, TV-G) Martha demonstrates how to create four Mid-Atlantic favorites: Baltimore peach cake, Kaiser Rolls, black raspberry crumb cake and black-and-white cookies.
America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated Seafood Supper (TV-G) Julia demonstrates how to prepare pan-seared salmon; scientist Dan Souza discusses wild and farmed salmon; Elle Simone shows Julia how to prepare shrimp scampi.
Joseph Rosendo's Travelscope A San Antonio Christmas (TV-G) Joseph visits San Antonio's famous river walk to celebrate the Christmas season and learns about the locals' rituals and holiday customs.
Pati's Mexican Table Oaxaca Breakfast: Messy And Delicious (TV-G) Pati takes a trip to the town of San Martin Tilcajeta to visit a local art school; Pati gives recipes for making salsa martajade, refried beans and pan de yema.
Simply Ming Matt Jennings (TV-G) Host Ming Tsai is joined by four-time James Beard nominee Matt Jennings, and the two prepare a highly sustainable Grilled Fish; Tuna Tataki.
Jacques Pepin: Heart & Soul Offal Good (HD, TV-G) Jacques demonstrates how he doesn't like anything to go to waste by preparing meals using offal, including chicken livers in mushroom port sauce.
Lidia's Kitchen Fruit Desserts (HD, TV-G) Lidia prepares simple meals using authentic recipes, featuring strawberries with balsamic vinegar, a plum crostata, and blueberries and nectarines in prosecco.
Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen Spicy and Sour for Supper (HD, TV-G) Bridget instructs Julia on how to cook a Latin version of the classic dish arroz con pollo; equipment expert Adam Ried shows the best dry measuring cups.
The Woodwright's Shop Holly Wood Spectaculars (HD, TV-G) Steve Latta demonstrates how to use oval engines, sharp knives, perfectionism and patience to create decorative patterns in veneers.
Pati's Mexican Table How I Got To Now (TV-G) Pati discusses the story of how she turned her passion for food into a career; Pati shares recipes for sopes, carmelized pasilla brisket and tiger pound cake.
Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen My Love Letter to Lebanon (HD, TV-G) Julie prepares a Lebanese-style steak tartare called kibbeh nayeh, a potato, bulgur wheat and herb spread called kibbeh batata, and meat pies.
Baking with Julia Leslie Mackie (HD, TV-G) Host Julia Child welcomes renowned pastry chef Leslie Mackie, who creatively demonstrates how to bake a delicious assortment of tarts and pies.
Martha Bakes Midwest (HD, TV-G) Midwestern classics; polka-dotted, double-crusted, sour cherry pie; St. Louis butter cake; Norwegian celebratory kransekake; custard pie with navy beans.
America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated The Ultimate Sticky Buns (TV-G) Julia and Bridget prepare homemade sticky buns; Jack faces off with Bridget in an almond butter tasting; Adam evaluates a variety of waffle irons.
« Craft In America Threads (HD, TV-PG) An in-depth look is taken at the techniques four fabric artists utilize to design and create one-of-a-kind woven textiles and story quilts.
Pati's Mexican Table Juju's Chocolate-Covered Life (TV-G) Pati welcomes her son Juju to help her make chocolate chunk banana bread, a chocolate crepe tower and an overloaded Mexican chocolate milkshake.
Nick Stellino: Storyteller in the Kitchen Family Matters (HD, TV-G) Chef Stellino attempts to recreate the family flavors for pasta all arrabbiata, salsicce brasate con broccoli e peperoni and banana cream pudding.
Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way Breaking with Tradition (TV-G) Jacques makes a more humane scallopini without using veal: turkey scallopini with morels and middle eastern couscous with saffron; skillet apple charlotte.
Lidia's Kitchen Crespelle (HD, TV-G) Lidia Bastianich shows how easy it can be to make a pasta called manicotti and presents an easy-to-make recipe for a delicious chocolate and walnut crespelle.
Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen Smoky Barbecue Favorites (HD, TV-G) Test chef Ashley Moore shows Bridget how to cook up a batch of thick-cut smoked pork chops; Jack gives Bridget a hot dog tasting challenge.
The Woodwright's Shop The Roubo Bookstand (HD, TV-G) Roy follows an old French master's formula to turn one piece of walnut into a beautiful bookstand.
Pati's Mexican Table Cheesy (TV-G) Pati cooks señor breakfast sandwich, tres quesos chicken pasta and bacon cheese dogs with avocado relish; Pati and her sons visit a cheese producer in Oaxaca.
Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen Lebanese Sweets for the Holiday Season (HD, TV-G) Julie prepares a phyllo dough and walnut dessert called Baklawa, phyllo dough cups filled with Lebanese cream and flavorful toppings, and orange blossom syrup.
Baking with Julia David Ogonowski (HD, TV-G) Welcomed by host Julia Childs, Boston chef David Ogonowski prepares chocolate truffle tartlets, chocolate waves and crispy cocoa cookies.
Martha Bakes Northwest (HD, TV-G) Martha celebrates the world-class produce of the Northwest by baking a blackberry cobbler, fig bars, an Idaho potato cake and hazelnut cookies.
America's Test Kitchen from Cook's Illustrated Hearty One Pot Meals (TV-G) Julia demonstrates how to prepare ground beef chili for Bridget; Adam evaluates food processors; a test cook prepares red lentil soup with North African spices.
This Old House (HD, TV-G) The dining room floor becomes a barn door; Roger teaches about horticulture; the team puts radiant heat in the garage floor; the front porch gets new columns.
Pati's Mexican Table More Than Just a Meal (TV-G) Host Pati Jinich makes a variety of family staples, including a chipotle goat cheese spread, cecina and slaw ciabatta sandwich, and poblano rajas tuna melt.
Simply Ming Ken Oringer (TV-G) Host Ming Tsai invites his friend, Boston legend Ken Oringer, to make some risotto-style pasta using new techniques and prepare a decadent Fideua.
Jacques Pepin: Heart & Soul Catch O' The Day (HD, TV-G) Renowned chef Jacques Pepin demonstrates how he prepares various seafood dishes, including poached fish in a light cream sauce and shucked clams.
Lidia's Kitchen Agrodolce (HD, TV-G) Chef Lidia Bastianich prepares a delectable swordfish dish in sweet-and-sour sauce and sesame candy, as well as a tasty marinated winter squash.
Cook's Country from America's Test Kitchen Smothered and Dowdied (HD, TV-G) Test cook Julia shows Bridget how to whip up some delectable Southern-style smothered chicken; Adam reveals his picks for the best kitchen timers on the market.
Smart Travels: Europe with Rudy Maxa France's Champagne Region (TV-G) A visit to France's Champagne region includes stops at the historical city of Reims, the medieval town of Troyes and the massive castle Sedan.
Katie Brown Workshop New Year's (TV-G) Katie prepares for New Year's Day with recipes including steak with crab sauce and projects such as a cinnamon candy centerpiece and butterfly lanterns.
P. Allen Smith's Garden Home The Pioneers Challenge with Georgia Pellegrini (HD, TV-G) Renowned gardening and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith invites Modern Pioneer Georgia Pellegrini to join him in preparation for a stunning cocktail party.
Katie Brown Workshop Wine and Cheese (TV-G) Katie shares recipes for zucchini poppers, bleu cheese with rosemary honey and bean and feta salad, then makes a grape sculpture and centerpiece.
Jacques Pepin: Heart & Soul Fête Des Boules (HD, TV-G) Host Jacques Pepin demonstrates how to prepare Crab Chips with Salmon Cavier and Grand Smoked Ham glazed with maple syrup as part of his party menu.
Julie Taboulie's Lebanese Kitchen Magical Mezze Amidst the Moonlight (HD, TV-G) Chef Julie Taboulie prepares some of her favorite hot and cold small plates that utilize chickpea and sesame seed spread ingredients.
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